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Ten Famous Shaanxi Dishes and Ten Famous Shaanxi Snacks

The 26th Cook Festival was opened in Weinan City on 20th, October, which had selected the ten famous Shaanxi dishes filled with Shaanxi history and culture and then famous snacks. You would surely think of cold noodles, Roujiamo as they almost become the representation of Shaanxi, however, maybe you would barely know which dishes and snacks are recognized as the most famous ten ones. I would shed a light on these dishes and snakes to you and satisfy your taste buds with some explanation and pictures.

Why there are ten famous Shaanxi dishes and snacks selected?

According survey, there are more than 60% people having little knowledge about Shaanxi dishes, let alone which Shaanxi dishes are most good-tasting, who only keep the name such as Roujiamo and cold noodles in their memory. Actually, there are as many as 2000 Shaanxi dishes at present, just like the most famous tour city in China, which allows Shaanxi dishes a fame of  therichest local dishes in China .As a Chinese cuisine with longest history and greatest containment, Shaanxi dishes are famed as  Chinese Mother Cuisine by scholars and experts.

Which dishes are inclusive into the record of most famous Shaanxi dishes?
  • Roasted Whole Chicken(Calabash Chicken, called  Hulu Chicken in Chinese)
    It is honored as the  most tasty dish in Changan(the ancient name of Xian) which has been populated for thousands of years.
    Roasted Whole Chicken
  • Saut� of Three Delicacies(Three Freshes)
    The traditional Shaanxi special dishes with soaked sea slug and squid as its main make-up, bears both wonderful taste and great nutrition.
    Saut� of Three Delicacies
  • Ziyang Steamed Dishes with Basin
    It was invented in the time of Emperor Liu Bang in Han Dynasty, with all kinds of material steamed in a big basin, it preserve the original taste of the foods well.
    Ziyang Steamed Dishes with Basin
  • Pork Legs with inclusive its bone
    This dish in fact keeps its fame and position in many Chinese cuisines; it is fat but not greasy, which really is worth a try.
    Pork Legs with inclusive its bone
  • Pork Trotters Stewed withSea Cucumbersin Shallow Water
    It is a suggested food in cold winter with it special cooking method benefit for people s health in cold weather.
    Pork Trotters Stewed withSea Cucumbersin Shallow Water
  • Steamed Salted Pork in Wine
    It is fat but not greasy, sweet and soft, your taste buds will be great satisfied when it in your mouth.
    Steamed Salted Pork in Wine
  • Warm Shredded Kidney
    It is a dish coming into being based on a famous cook in Tang Dynasty. This dish is good for people who suffer from toothache because it s special material and unique cooking method.
    Warm Shredded Kidney
  • Hair-like seaweed in shape of copper cash
    It has been popular from Tang Dynasty, representing wealth with its copper cash shape.
    Hair-like seaweed in shape of copper cash
  • Stewed Raw Shredded Squid
    One of typical Shaanxi cuisinewins its name out of the good taste and material.
    Stewed Raw Shredded Squid
  • Fish with White Soup
    This dish has beautiful look and good nutrition, meanwhile, a long history---more than 300 years.
    Fish with White Soup
  • The ten famous Shaanxi snacks selected in this Cook Festival

    In this Cook Festival, Roujiamo, Cold Noodles, Mutton and Bread Pieces in Soup,Hulutou(A food like Mutton and Bread Pieces in Soup),Crispy Fried Noodles, BiangBiang Noodles, Noodles with Ground Pork, Shaanxi Hele, Guokui(large round baked wheat cake) and Crispy Fried Pastry was on the list of Shaanxi Ten Famous Snacks.